Source code for py_gql.execution.blocking_executor

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, List

from .._utils import OrderedDict
from ..exc import CoercionError, ResolverError
from ..lang import ast as _ast
from ..schema import Field, GraphQLType, ObjectType
from .executor import Executor
from .wrappers import GroupedFields, ResolveInfo, ResponsePath

Resolver = Callable[..., Any]

[docs]class BlockingExecutor(Executor): """ Executor implementation optimized for synchronous, blocking execution. Warning: This is aimed to be used internally to optimize the blocking execution case while keeping the base `Executor` class as generic as possible by side-stepping some of the operations that need to happen when working with arbitrary wrapper types such as Awaitable. As a result this overrides much more of the base class than should be necessary to implement custom executors and should not be taken as an example. """
[docs] def execute_fields( self, parent_type: ObjectType, root: Any, path: ResponsePath, fields: GroupedFields, ) -> Dict[str, Any]: result = OrderedDict() # type: Dict[str, Any] for key, field_def, nodes in self._iterate_fields(parent_type, fields): result[key] = self.resolve_field( parent_type, root, field_def, nodes, path + [key] ) return result
execute_fields_serially = execute_fields
[docs] def resolve_field( self, parent_type: ObjectType, parent_value: Any, field_definition: Field, nodes: List[_ast.Field], path: ResponsePath, ) -> Any: resolver = self.field_resolver(parent_type, field_definition) node = nodes[0] info = ResolveInfo( field_definition, path, parent_type, nodes, self.runtime, self, ) self.instrumentation.on_field_start( parent_value, self.context_value, info ) try: coerced_args = self.argument_values(field_definition, node) resolved = resolver( parent_value, self.context_value, info, **coerced_args ) except (CoercionError, ResolverError) as err: self.add_error(err, path, node) return None finally: self.instrumentation.on_field_end( parent_value, self.context_value, info ) return self.complete_value( field_definition.type, nodes, path, info, resolved )
[docs] def complete_list_value( self, inner_type: GraphQLType, nodes: List[_ast.Field], path: ResponsePath, info: ResolveInfo, resolved_value: Any, ) -> List[Any]: return [ self.complete_value(inner_type, nodes, path + [index], info, entry) for index, entry in enumerate(resolved_value) ]
[docs] def complete_non_nullable_value( self, inner_type: GraphQLType, nodes: List[_ast.Field], path: ResponsePath, info: ResolveInfo, resolved_value: Any, ) -> Any: return self._handle_non_nullable_value( nodes, path, self.complete_value(inner_type, nodes, path, info, resolved_value), )