Source code for py_gql.schema.schema_visitor

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from typing import Optional, TypeVar

from .._utils import map_and_filter
from .directives import SPECIFIED_DIRECTIVES
from .scalars import SPECIFIED_SCALAR_TYPES
from .schema import Schema
from .types import (

TType = TypeVar("TType", bound=type)

[docs]class SchemaVisitor(object): """ Base class encoding schema traversal and modifications. Subclass and override the ``on_*`` methods to implement custom behaviour. All methods *must* return the modified value; returning ``None`` will drop the respective values from their context, e.g. returning ``None`` from :meth:`on_field` will result in the field being dropped from the parent :class:`py_gql.schema.ObjectType`. However, types and directives are **never** from the schema, even if not in use anymore. For most uses cases, do not forget to call the method from the parent class as it ususally encodes how child elements such as field, enum values, etc. are processed. """
[docs] def on_schema(self, schema: Schema) -> Schema: """ Process the whole schema. You **should not** override this in most cases. Args: schema: Original schema. """ updated_types = [] updated_directives = [] for original_type in schema.types.values(): if"__"): continue if isinstance(original_type, ObjectType): updated = self.on_object( original_type ) # type: Optional[NamedType] elif isinstance(original_type, InterfaceType): updated = self.on_interface(original_type) elif isinstance(original_type, InputObjectType): updated = self.on_input_object(original_type) elif isinstance(original_type, ScalarType): updated = self.on_scalar(original_type) elif isinstance(original_type, UnionType): updated = self.on_union(original_type) elif isinstance(original_type, EnumType): updated = self.on_enum(original_type) else: raise TypeError(type(original_type)) if updated is not None and updated is not original_type: updated_types.append(updated) for original_directive in schema.directives.values(): updated_directive = self.on_directive(original_directive) if ( updated_directive is not None and updated_directive is not original_directive ): updated_directives.append(updated_directive) if not updated_types and not updated_directives: return schema schema._replace_types_and_directives(updated_types, updated_directives) return schema
[docs] def on_scalar(self, scalar_type: ScalarType) -> Optional[ScalarType]: """ Args: scalar: Original type. """ if scalar_type in SPECIFIED_SCALAR_TYPES: return scalar_type return scalar_type
[docs] def on_object(self, object_type: ObjectType) -> Optional[ObjectType]: """ Args: object_type: Original type. """ updated_fields = list( map_and_filter(self.on_field_definition, object_type.fields) ) if updated_fields != object_type.fields: object_type.fields = updated_fields return object_type
[docs] def on_field_definition(self, field: Field) -> Optional[Field]: """ Args: field: Original object field. """ updated_args = list( map_and_filter(self.on_argument_definition, field.arguments) ) if updated_args != field.arguments: field.arguments = updated_args return field
[docs] def on_argument_definition(self, argument: Argument) -> Optional[Argument]: """ Args: field: Original argument. """ return argument
[docs] def on_interface( self, interface_type: InterfaceType ) -> Optional[InterfaceType]: """ Args: interface_type: Original type. """ updated_fields = list( map_and_filter(self.on_field_definition, interface_type.fields) ) if updated_fields != interface_type.fields: interface_type.fields = updated_fields return interface_type
[docs] def on_union(self, union_type: UnionType) -> Optional[UnionType]: """ Args: union_type: Original type. """ return union_type
[docs] def on_enum(self, enum_type: EnumType) -> Optional[EnumType]: """ Args: enum_type: Original type. """ updated_values = list( map_and_filter(self.on_enum_value, enum_type.values) ) if updated_values != enum_type.values: enum_type._set_values(updated_values) return enum_type
[docs] def on_enum_value(self, enum_value: EnumValue) -> Optional[EnumValue]: """ Args: enum_value: Original enum value. """ return enum_value
[docs] def on_input_object( self, input_object_type: InputObjectType ) -> Optional[InputObjectType]: """ Args: input_object_type: Original type. """ updated_fields = list( map_and_filter( self.on_input_field_definition, input_object_type.fields ) ) if updated_fields != input_object_type.fields: input_object_type.fields = updated_fields return input_object_type
[docs] def on_input_field_definition( self, field: InputField ) -> Optional[InputField]: """ Args: field: Original input object field. """ return field
[docs] def on_directive(self, directive: Directive) -> Directive: """ Note: This does not correspond to a directive location but is necessary to completely cover schema traversal. Args: directive: Original directive """ if directive in SPECIFIED_DIRECTIVES: return directive updated_args = list( map_and_filter(self.on_argument_definition, directive.arguments) ) if updated_args != directive.arguments: directive.arguments = updated_args return directive