Source code for py_gql.utilities.value_from_ast

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from typing import Any, Dict, Mapping, Optional, Union

from ..exc import InvalidValue, UnknownVariable
from ..lang import ast as _ast
from ..schema.types import (

[docs]def value_from_ast( node: Union[_ast.Value, _ast.Variable], type_: GraphQLType, variables: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, ) -> Any: """ Convert an ast Value node into a valid python value given a schema type. Warning: No validation is done with regard to the variable values which are assumed to have been validated before. Args: node: The value node variables: Variables mapping (coerced) type_: Type to validate against Returns: Extracted value Raises: TypeError: when node is not a value node InvalidValue: if the value cannot be converted UnknownVariable: if a variable is required and doesn't exist """ if isinstance(node, _ast.Variable): return _extract_variable(node, type_, variables) if isinstance(type_, NonNullType): if isinstance(node, _ast.NullValue): raise InvalidValue("Expected non null value.", [node]) else: type_ = type_.type if isinstance(node, _ast.NullValue): return None if isinstance(type_, ListType): if not isinstance(node, _ast.ListValue): return [value_from_ast(node, type_.type, variables)] return [ value_from_ast(item, type_.type, variables) for item in node.values ] if isinstance(type_, InputObjectType): if not isinstance(node, _ast.ObjectValue): raise InvalidValue( "Expected Object but got %s" % node.__class__.__name__, [node] ) return _extract_input_object(node, type_, variables) if isinstance(type_, EnumType): if not isinstance(node, _ast.EnumValue): raise InvalidValue("Expected EnumValue", [node]) return type_.get_value(node.value) if isinstance(type_, ScalarType): if not isinstance( node, ( _ast.IntValue, _ast.FloatValue, _ast.StringValue, _ast.BooleanValue, ), ): raise InvalidValue( "Invalid literal %s for scalar type %s" % (node.__class__.__name__, ) return type_.parse_literal(node, variables) raise TypeError("Invalid type for input coercion %s" % type_)
def _extract_input_object( node: _ast.ObjectValue, type_: InputObjectType, variables: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]], ) -> Dict[str, Any]: coerced = {} node_fields = { f for f in node.fields} for field in type_.fields: name = target_name = field.python_name if name not in node_fields: if field.has_default_value: coerced[target_name] = field.default_value elif isinstance(field.type, NonNullType): raise InvalidValue("Missing field %s" % name, [node]) else: value = node_fields[name].value coerced[target_name] = value_from_ast(value, field.type, variables) return coerced def _extract_variable( node: _ast.Variable, type_: GraphQLType, variables: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]], ) -> Any: varname = if not variables or varname not in variables: raise UnknownVariable(varname, [node]) variable_value = variables[varname] if isinstance(type_, NonNullType) and variable_value is None: raise InvalidValue( 'Variable "$%s" used for type "%s" must not be null.' % (varname, type_), [node], ) return variable_value